Saturday, October 08, 2005

Queen Victoria

You may have seen the famous picture which represents Queen Victoria presenting a Bible to a dark-skinned Prince, declaring that it was the secret of England's greatness. Happy Empire whose sovereign loved and reverenced the Word of God. We are not surprised at the wonderful changes for the better which took place under wise rule, nor at the love and sympathy which made her visit the lowly crofters' cottages and help the stricken and distressed.

The story told by an octogenarian whom she visited near Balmoral gives the secret of all her greatness. This old lady ventured to inquire: "May I ask your Majesty a question?" Receiving an affirmative reply, she queried: "Will your Majesty meet me in the Paradise above?" To which the Queen replied: "Yes, by the grace of God, and the all-availing Blood of Christ, I will meet you there." The only ground on which sovereign, subject, or any other sinner shall ever be there.

Queen Victor - a clever girl, a brave woman, a beloved wife and mother, and a humble servant of the Lord Jesus, she, 'being dead, yet speaketh'.

From the book, 'Twelve Clever Girls', by J.A.W.Hamilton, Pickering & Inglis Ltd., London, 1937


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